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Inlight Beauty FLORAL TONIC 200ml

Short description:
  • Alcohol Free 
  • Ph balanced 
  • Prevents Breakouts
  • Cools, tones and refreshes after cleansing

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Years of research, scientific knowledge and love for nature make Inlight, a UK Skincare Brand, one of a kind, with products that work on and with your skin for visible, lasting results. A pH balanced, non-oil, alcohol-free, astringent flower extract toner which contains Rosewater, that refreshes and tackles the dryness in the skin while Roman Chamomile water kills bacteria, soothes and calms inflammation and Lavender water fights acne, heals wounds, eczema and dryness. Thus, the skin feels refreshed, revived, toned and leaves a fresh-looking complexion. 

Alcohol-free fusion of uplifting and astringent flower extracts with notes of roman chamomile and rose to tone and refresh.

PH balanced formula

Star ingredients: rose, roman chamomile, and lavender.

Skin types: for all skin types including sensitive or prone to acne.

Key benefits:
-cools, tones and refreshes after cleansing
-prepares skin for best absorption of moisturiser
-leaves complexion fresh looking

100% organic

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