Styledotty.com delivery guarantee.

We assure our customers of a Guaranteed Delivery or 100% Refund. If the package is lost in transit or stuck in customs we will refund your purchase. The customer needs to contact us after 28 days once the shipment tracking stops updating online for us to process the claim. The refund guarantee does not apply if any local Govt. restrictions restrict delivery e.g Covid-19 or pandemic-based lockdown. In such cases, shipment will be delivered once lockdown is lifted.

Are all the products sold on Styledotty.com Authentic?

All products purchased on the Styledotty web portal are genuine and supplied by globally renowned distributors, trading houses, and boutiques. We only source products from genuine top-tier authorized European and USA retailers of respective brands and are committed to providing our customers with quality products. By purchasing goods from the brand's authorized retailers ( listed on the brand's webpage) we guarantee the authenticity of the products sold to our customers. 

 We believe in respecting the protection of brands' identity and intellectual property. Styledotty.com retails genuine skincare items and unless stated is not an authorized stockist of brands sold on the website. All trademarks and names on this website are the sole property of respective brands or trademark owners. 

All products purchased through our western partners are automatically insured for any damage in transit. The products are checked at UK dispatch facilities to assess the quality. In the event, if any product is received damaged it will be returned to the retailer/brand and either a new product will be sent or a full refund will be offered to the customer.

What if the product ordered is not suitable for my skin?

We strongly advice all our customers to ensure the products ordered are best suit in regards to their respective skin type or concern. Never solely rely on a review to make your decision.

We encourage our customers to a good research on the product they purchase through StyleDotty, The product should be suitable to their skin type. 

StyleDotty has a strict policy of procuring all the items from the Brand or its Authorised Retailers/Distributors. 

If in case a skin reaction occurs after use of a particular product, StyleDotty cannot be held responsible for this. as StyleDotty is only the service provider and not the manufacturer.

We have a strict policy to ensure the product is still within the reasonable Shelf life duration before it is dispatched from our facility.

What payment methods can I pay?

We accept majority of Credit and Debit Cards. We regret to inform you that COD payment is not more available as a payment mode.

Please make sure the bank card you use is enabled for International transactions or else the payment will be declined.

Indian customers can pay in Rupees by selecting Stripe or World Pay as payment methods. Please refrain the use of Indusind Bank cards as the bank levies transaction fees.

Customers who do not wish to use bank cards may request a UPI payment link by sending an email to cs@styledotty.com

When can I expect my order to be processed and delivered? ( Applies to in-stock items and not pre-order )

All orders are processed within 24 hours of payment receipt. The package will be shipped once the customer submits KYC and the same is validated by the courier company. The majority of the delays occur from the end supplier and customs clearance including transit. We target 7-10 business days for the product to be delivered. Wherever deemed necessary Styledotty will fast track the shipments.

You must provide us with complete and accurate delivery address information. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes not only the address that your order is going to but also the name of its recipient. We cannot be liable for the delivery of your order to the wrong address or the wrong person as a result of you supplying us with incomplete or inaccurate information. All parcels will be delivered by us and will require a signature on delivery. Please note that delivery of your Order may take longer during sales or other busy periods. Customers should provide the necessary KYC as required by our courier companies to clear customs.

Please appreciate that the entire StyleDotty team are working hard and doing everything we can to ensure you receive your orders as quickly as possible.

Below is a detailed explanation of tracking status:

Preparing Shipment -Occasionally, certain items are awaiting fulfillment from the supplier, and the tracking number will be provided once the package clears customs. Items acquired through free shipping and other promotions will be delivered within 7-12 business days through standard shipping, rather than express delivery.

On Hold KYC -  Awaiting KYC from Customer. If the customer has emailed KYC then a shipping notification will be sent to the email.  The status will change to ' In Transit to destination' only when the package is exported to the destination country. In case the customer has not sent the KYC package will be placed on hold.

(After KYC is submitted by the customer, the package will be handed over to the Courier company for flight connection.)

In Transit to Destination - Package has been exported to destination.

Awaiting KYC Validation- The courier company KYC team will verify the buyer's details to the KYC documents submitted.

KYC info validated-  KYC approved for customs filing.

Filed - Customs entry filed.

Awaiting Customs Clearance-   Customs broker is awaiting customs clearance approval.

Arrived Hub-  Package arrived at the nearest hub and awaits final destination connection. 

Why do I have to pay customs duties?

Any product imported by a consumer or business in India is liable for import duties and GST tax . As of July 2020, Styledotty.com has revised its policy and now offers all the products including duties and taxes. 

Our customs clearer will clear the package and no extra charges are required to be paid at the time of delivery.

How can I track my Package?

StyleDotty provides a fully tracked Express shipping service for all parcels.

Once your order is dispatched you will receive an email with all relevant tracking information which includes the link to track your parcel and the tracking number. Order Status marked as 'COMPLETE' indicates all customs paper is accurate and package is awaiting next flight connection to destination.

If you are unable to locate this email, we would recommend you check your junk/spam folder.

Please note the DTDC tracking link doesn't work on Iphone Safari browser, would recommend using a computer.

DTDC updates tracking status with a lag of 2 days hence we request customers to co-operate and avoid sending e-mails to chase up the delivery.

How can I contact Styledotty customer services?

Please contact us in one of the following ways: India Support: For product and tracking queries: Email:cs@styledotty.com  Landline: KYC support Only +91 9033000153 (India) Working Hours (India Office)10am - 4.30pm Mon-Sat (India) Extended Working hours (UK office) 5.30 pm- 11pm (IST) Mon-Sat

Please note we will reply within 48 hours to e-mail queries which is our first preference of communication. Phone lines  are ONLY dedicated to KYC and Tracking support and may be extremely busy.

Why expiry dates are not mentioned on imported skincare?

Cosmetics manufactured in EU/US work on PAO basis (Period After Open). While some manufacturers print PAO for 6 or 12 months certain US based manufacturers do not even print PAO. In such cases, by default, the cosmetics must be used within 6 months after open. E.g Cerave Cosmetics neither have a PAO not expiry. Cosmetics packaging vary from country to country. Whilst cosmetics in India require a seal on the bottleneck and container this is not the case in Europe or US. In fact, companies like Cerave do no seal products and never mention expiry or production date making it very difficult for customers in India to grasp the concept of cosmetic regulations. If you are purchasing imported cosmetics for the first time it is essential to do a little bit of research online.

Cosmetics Order, Delivery, and Stock Query?

Styledotty.com does not stock any cosmetics in India. All cosmetics are stocked at our UK and US warehouse. If there is any special purchase request please send an email to customer services and we will get back with a quote to you. Delivery timelines vary from 7-10 working days. All products are custom cleared on behalf of the customer and delivered to their Indian address. Our delivery partners require KYC ( ID Proof ) for delivery to Indian clients. For all Indian retail client deliveries please email cs@styledotty.com or call 9033000153 for order support. Examples of address proof of KYC Passport Copy Adhar Card ( Address should match shipping address )

What is the delivery cost?

Express to India Shipping charge is Rs 399, regardless of the number of items. This charge is waived OFF (FREE SHIPPING) for orders valued over Rs 9999. We recommend purchasing 2-3 items together to cut down the overall shipping charges.


Which KYC documents are required for customs clearance?

The below KYC will be required to be sent to the courier company as a one-time registration with the customs portal.

Please provide any ONE of the following documents as Id and Address Proof. The address proof should match with the delivery address mentioned on your shipment

  • a) Aadhar Card
  • b) PAN Card *
  • c) Voter ID
  • d) Passport

* A separate address proof document will be required

Please provide any ONE of the following address proof document in case the address on your KYC document does not match with the delivery address. The address on this document should match the delivery address.

  • a) Bank Account Statement
  • b) Electricity Bill
  • c) LPG Connection Receipt
  • d) Rent Agreement

Styledotty.com reserves the right to cancel the order and charge a cancellation/restocking fee of 5.5% or Rs 499 whichever is higher if KYC is not provided. 

Where can I share my KYC documents?

You can now upload the KYC documents under 'Profile' section of your StyleDotty account. 

OR , email them back to the KYC request email received.

PLEASE NOTE KYC is a ONE-TIME process only and covers for all future orders with StyleDotty at the same delivery address.

In NO circumstances will StyleDotty save any KYC documents. Once the documents are approved by the courier company, the received documents from the customer will be immediately deleted from StyleDotty database.

How many days does it take for the refund to be processed?

Once a refund is initiated the customer will receive a refund receipt from the payment processor. It takes 7-10 working days 

( excludes Weekends and bank holiday) for the credit to appear on your bank statement.

In certain cases, if the time between purchase made by the customer and refund initiated is very short ( typically a few hours) then the debit may not appear on your bank account statement. Hence the money was never debited as banks settle payments end of the day.

If after 10 working days the payment debited is still not credited by our payment processor then please contact your bank and show the refund receipt send by Styledotty. 

Refunds due to order cancellations - Non-Receipt of KYC 

In the case of a refund resulting due to the customer not responding to KYC requests, Styledotty will cancel the order and charge a cancellation fee/restocking fee of 5.5% or Rs 499  whichever is higher. In the event package is rejected by the customer, Styledotty should not be held liable for the transit damage. Duties paid in advance are not refundable in the event package is returned due to buyer refusing to accept the delivery. Packages rejected by customers are not liable for refund since duties and shipping costs are already paid in advance.

As a responsible company, we have at least 2 references for KYC requirements one of them highlighted at the checkout window.

Our payment processor does not refund the transaction fees charged for processing card payments. We expect customers to read the FAQ's and detailed KYC message at the checkout window. As customers often ignore the KYC message at the checkout window Styledotty cannot be held liable for not making customers aware of the KYC documents. 

Styledotty reserves the right to disable accounts for customers who do not respond to KYC requests to prevent such from purchasing in the future.

KYC regulations are set by the Govt of India and individual buyers are expected to comply with import regulations for customs clearance.

Please visit https://dtdc.in/kyc/  for detailed information of KYC .

Refunds due to order cancellations - Customer Requested

In the case of a refund resulting due to customer request, Styledotty will cancel the order and charge a cancellation fee/restocking fee of 5.5% or Rs 499 whichever is higher. If the item is specifically sourced for a  customer then the team will assess the cancellation fees based on the the complexity of returns.

What is the estimated delivery timeline for "Pre-Order OR Custom Order" items?

Pre-ordered items take at least four weeks to be delivered. The estimated date of delivery will be shown on the product page. Pre – Order service has been exclusively created for our regular customers who have transacted multiple times and have faith in our ability to deliver their packages in pristine condition.

For customers who are purchasing for the first time, it is essential to research and place the order. We do no encourage placing the order without any planning as this may often lead to disappointment. International logistics is extremely complex and the majority of the delays are caused during customs clearance.

Typically Pre-Order items are of US or Korean origin and hence the timelines for delivery are set accordingly. Below is the flow process of order:

The customer places the order with Styledotty.com and completes the KYC process. Any delays submitting the KYC will affect the delivery timelines.

Styledotty purchases items from our US or Korean Vendor. The vendor takes estimates 7-10 days for delivery to a local depot in the USA or Korea.

Styledotty then imports the product to our UK warehouse and re-ships to India. A tracking number notification will be sent by email to the customer. This completes the order and the package will be handed to the courier company for the next flight connection.  This process takes another 10-12 days.

The last-mile delivery is estimated at 7 days depending on the location in India.

Customers will be updated if there is any delay as the majority of packages are tracked by our team until delivered to the clients. We would also like to make you aware that all the packages are covered under our delivery guarantee or 100% refund clause.

During this time period, we expect the customer to co-operate with any delays and not keep sending emails to chase the orders as this drains our resources.

In order to avoid any further complexity, we currently do not allow in-stock items to be ordered with pre-order items.