- Connecting Indian Cross Border Shoppers to Global Vendors

STYLEDOTTY.COM is  world's first  Cross Border E-Commerce which fulfills client orders in India though its global fulfillment centers in UK and US.  We act as a true luxury market place connecting  Indian buyers with overseas vendors .  Majority of Indian customers hesitate to shop abroad due to 

-          Payment is foreign  currency and high bank charges. 

-          Customs clearance

-          High shipping Costs

-          Goods insurance

We provide unique solution to India customers whereby they can pay in Rupees and shop global merchandise. Apart from this, Styledotty guarantees the safe delivery of goods or 100% money back.  In fact, we are one of the very few companies which offer a 100% full refund if consignment gets lost or stuck in customs.

At any point of time through our network of companies there are ongoing interconnecting shipments between India, US, UK , Germany, Russia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, S . Korea , EU  and Gulf region. We are very few companies with Dangerous goods handling capability from Europe, US and India. We can combine ship purchase orders from different countries and deliver as single shipment with reasonable charges.

Global vendors have can directly access to India through They can now deliver goods locally ( US, UK Warehouse) and Styledotty takes care of the rest. 

We offer an unmatched bespoke purchase service to buyers who on a  lookout for  better deal. For instance buyers can requests products to be purchased from different countries and deliver  as a single package to address in India.