Pre - Order

What is the estimated delivery date for pre-order items?

Pre-ordered items take at least four weeks to be delivered. The estimated date of delivery will be shown on the product page. Pre – Order service has been exclusively created for our regular customers who have transacted multiple times and have faith in our ability to deliver their packages in pristine condition.

For customers who are purchasing for the first time, it is essential to research and place the order. We do no encourage placing the order without any planning as this may often lead to disappointment. International logistics is extremely complex and the majority of the delays are caused during customs clearance.

Typically Pre-Order items are of US or Korean origin and hence the timelines for delivery are set accordingly. Below is the flow process of order:

The customer places the order with and completes the KYC process. Any delays submitting the KYC will affect the delivery timelines.

Styledotty purchases items from our US or Korean Vendor. The vendor takes estimates 7-10 days for delivery to a local depot in the USA or Korea.

Styledotty then imports the product to our UK warehouse and re-ships to India. A tracking number notification will be sent by email to the customer. This completes the order and the package will be handed to the courier company for the next flight connection.  This process takes another 10-12 days.

The last-mile delivery is estimated at 7 days depending on the location in India.

Customers will be updated if there is any delay as the majority of packages are tracked by our team until delivered to the clients. We would also like to make you aware that all the packages are covered under our delivery guarantee or 100% refund clause.

During this time period, we expect the customer to co-operate with any delays and not keep sending emails to chase the orders as this drains our resources.

In order to avoid any further complexity, we currently do not allow in-stock items to be ordered with pre-order items.