Customs Duty and KYC

Any product imported by a consumer or business in India is liable for import duties and GST tax . Prices on the website do not include duties or taxes. Hence customers are liable for Duties and GST when packages arrive in India. As per customs 2020 circular approximately 77% taxes ( Duties +GST) is applicable  when goods arrive to India. 

Our customs clearer will clear the package and bill the amount at the time of delivery. For customers who wish to pay duty in advance please send a special request to

The below KYC will be required to be sent to the courier company as a one time registration with customs portal.

Please provide any ONE of the following document as Id and Address Proof. The address proof should match with the delivery address mentioned on your shipment

  • a) Aadhar Card
  • b) PAN Card *
  • c) Voter ID
  • d) Passport

* A separate address proof document will be required

Please provide any ONE of the following address proof document in case the address on your KYC document does not match with the delivery address. The address on this document should match with the delivery address.

  • a) Bank Account Statement
  • b) Electricity Bill
  • c) LPG Connection Receipt
  • d) Rent Agreement
  • e) Employee Id ( Incase the product is being shipped to your workplace)
  • f) Hostel Rent Agreement or PG Agreement with your name and current address .

Failing to provide the above will result in shipping delays. 

For all Indian retail client deliveries please email or call 9033000153.