Mandelic Acid 10% + HA 30ml

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The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA 30ml

The Ordinary is a Canadian Skincare Brand, the massive adoration and devotion towards the brand, helps to lay its foundation as a cult-favorite brand, all-over the world.


Come, grab their formulations, for the love of skin. A vegan, oil-free, lightweight, hydrating exfoliating acid with the concentration of 10% Mandelic Acid, a larger and gentle molecule from the AHA family, has its job to look after the epidermis by sloughing off the dead skin cells, restricting the acne inducing materials and also maximising the turnover of the cells which lightens the darkness, unevenness appeared on the surface. While Hyaluronic acid, a humectant, settles and lifts the hydration on the deep wrinkles, fine lines by smoothening and plumping the skin. The serum, not just, exfoliates and hydrates but also focuses on healing and preventing acne, dermatitis and other dry skin conditions. Consequently, the skin feels clean, clear and hydrated. Suitable for all skin types.


After cleansing, apply the serum, twice a week, at night. Use moisturiser underneath and cover your face with SPF, in the morning, to avoid skin sensitivity. Forbid using on broken and sensitive skin. Patch Test is highly recommended. Discontinue using, if any sensitisation, burning or irritation persists and approach a Dermatologist. Free from Alcohol, Animal Testing process, Gluten, Nuts and Silicone.   

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